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… The dude was in TWO legendary bands.


I’m tired of losing myself
To some stupid childhood dream of what I could have been
Money proves the point
And I’m stuck between summer holidays and punk routine
I shoot off a hundred things to remain more sorry than safe, you see
I only get this fucking chance once and I just can’t let it be

And I’m still certain that what motivates me
Is more rewarding than any piece of paper could be
Well adjusted and corrupt
All those icons that stole our teenage lust
A scenario of simplicity
A scenario of you and me

Rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in

We’re all tired of dying
So sick of not trying
Scared that we might fail
We’ll accomplish nothing
Not even failure

True punk aesthetic.

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This Is Your Brain on Coffee

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crestfallen.: My Life as a Movie;


Put your music on shuffle and see if your life was a movie what the soundtrack would be.

Opening Credits: In bloom- Nirvana

Waking Up: Second & Sebring - Of mice & men

Falling In Love:If you can’t hang- Sleeping with sirens

Fight Song: Pray for plagues- Bring me the horizon


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15 seconds of each song😱 please be aug 28 already!! #circasurvive #violentwaves #album #music (Taken with Instagram)

Esao Andrews

I was in an artsy mood tonight and painted Circa Survive’s “On Letting Go” Album art created by the amazing Esao Andrews. 
For painting being my weakness as an art student, I’m proud of how it turned out.